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The Electrolyte Simulation Program (ESP) is a steady-state electrolyte process simulator with a proven track record in enhancing the productivity of engineers and scientists. With applications industry-wide, the software is not only applied to environmental applications but to almost any electrolyte chemical process.

Even though ESP Original is hampered by a dated DOS-like interface, ESP Original remains the simulator of choice for a significant group of electrolyte simulation practitioners. This is due to the fact that ESP is a one-of-a-kind program, software developed by electrolyte specialists to fully support electrolytes in a flowsheet environment. ESP is also the most complete implementation of OLI’s technology in flowsheets.

OLI Flowsheet: ESP

OLI Flowsheet: ESP is a new UI for ESP Original that OLI is developing in response to clients who continue to demand an "OLI-only" flowsheet simulator for applications such as water treatment. OLI Flowsheet: ESP will be available for beta in 2Q 2015.