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On this page we have collected some sample applications using OLI Flowsheet

Basic Autoclave (0.02 mB)
This example file is authored by AJ Gerbino of AQSim, Inc. All questions should be directed to AQsim for this particular example. The link goes directly to the AQsim application website.
Basic Autoclave procedure including charging steps with brine and gas at ambient conditions and pressure calculation at test temperature
Autoclave Simulation for Hydro-metallurgy
This is a simulation where a metal oxide (ZnO) is reacted with hydrochloric acid (HCl) in an ethanol solution. This example points out how to set up the initial charge and how to obtain results.
OLI Flowsheet User Guide Example cases
A collection of cases used to develop the user guide. Click the link to download the example

OLI Flowsheet File Comments Version
Ammonia Scrubber without reaction kinetics A column without reaction kinetics to give the user a basic case with which to work. 9.5.3
Ammonia Scrubber with reaction kinetics A column with reaction kinetics, using standard kinetics. 9.5.3
Emergency Chlorine Scrubber with 10 wt% NaOH The emergency chlorine scrubber with 10% NaOH scrubbing liquor. Scaling Tendencies are low in this case 9.5.3
Emergency Chlorine Scrubber with 30 wt% NaOH The emergency chlorine scrubber with 30% NaOH scrubbing liquor. Scaling Tendencies are high in this case 9.5.3
HF Sensitivity Analysis A tutorial on how to set up and use a sensitivity analysis 9.5.3
Reactor - Gibbs type reactor A example of using the Gibbs reactor 9.5.3
Reactor - User defined reaction kinetics (Spec type) Reaction Kinetics using user defined (non-Arrehnius) type kinetics 9.5.3
Reactor - Using standard Arrehnius type reaction kinetics Reaction Kinetics using Arrehnius type kinetics 9.5.3
Reactor - Stoichiometric A stoichiometric reactor, also known as a CONV type reactor 9.5.3
Sour Gas Sweetening A flowsheet simulating sour-gas sweetening 9.5.3
RO Membrane Example of an RO membrane 9.6.1