OLI Studio ScaleChem User Guide v9.5

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This is the user guide (or manual if you prefer) for the OLI Studio ScaleChem program. The current version is 9.5. This manual is broken down into chapters which are more manageable than a 500 page guide.

OAD files are the OLI Studio files. These files can only be opened with version 9.5.3 or later.


Chapter 13 - Studio ScaleChem - Overview (PDF, 10 KB)
Chapter 14 - Studio ScaleChem Chemistry (PDF, 43 KB)
OLI covers a lot of chemical systems. The ScaleChem program is targeted to a specific set of chemistry of interest to the upstream oil and gas industries. However, it is not limited to that chemistry.
Chapter 15 - Studio ScaleChem Getting Started (PDF, 1,261 KB)
Chapter 15 Example Files (OAD, 129 kB)
Chapter 16 - Studio ScaleChem Calculations (PDF, 1,766 KB)
Chapter 16 Example Files (OADm, 406 kB)
Chapter 17 - Studio ScaleChem Interpreting Results (PDF, 708 KB)


This manual was produced using the OLI Studio version 9.5 build 3 (9.5.3). As time progresses, new data and refinements to existing data sets can result in values that you obtain being slightly different than what is presented in this manual. This is a natural progress and cannot be avoided. When large systematic changes to the software occur, this manual will be updated.


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