What's New for version 9.5.4?

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What's New for OLI Studio Version 9.5.4?

OLI Studio was released on November 02, 2017

  1. Database updated
  2. Scalechem - Added a feature to allow the sorting of locations in a scaling scenario
  3. ScaleChem - embedded a ScaleChem-Standard to Studio-Scalechem converter. You no longer need to have a separate copy of Scalechem-Standard to be be installed.
  4. Stream Analyzer - we now report the REDOX equations that are used along with their thermodynamic equilibrium constants
  5. Corrosion Analyzer - custom calculations were added to corrosion rate calculations
  6. Stream Analyzer - Total dissolved solids (TDS) are now calculated via the ASTM D5907-03 method and reported by the software
  7. Stream Analyzer - you can now export streams to OLI Flowsheet as well as import them.