What's new for OLI Flowsheet 9.5.4?

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What's new for OLI Flowsheet version 9.5.4?

OLI Flowsheet was released on November 02, 2017

  1. Database updated
  2. Several new blocks have been added
    1. Pump
    2. RO Membrane (this is still in beta and available by request)
  3. Controller - added an ignore feature
  4. Component splitter - reduced the list of species to the inflow list (previously all species were displayed)
  5. User Interface - improved the start/run condition. Previous versions may have given the user the impression that the program was not calculating because an inactive trace window was active.
  6. User Interface - you can now import streams from OLI Studio via copy and paste. You can also export them to OLI Studio in the same manner
  7. User Interface - Added report names to the tree-view instead of the less-than-helpful Report 1, Report 2, etc.
  8. Sensitivity Calculations - The pump block is now supported
  9. User Interface - Block order now displays a floating image of the process with the current block order superimposed upon it.
  10. User Interface - Tear Stream selection - a floating image of the process is superimposed with the selected recycle stream with the TEAR designation. As the TEAR streams are changed, the displayed recycle loop also changes.