Locating Softkeys on your network

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How to locate a Sentinel Softkey on your network?

Occasionally OLI will require that you locate the presence of your softkey on the network. If you moved computers or rebuilt a virtual computer then the key information may be lost. Sentinel provides a utility that can search for the softkey.

On computer where the softkey should have been installed you need to enter the following address:

Address is the address of your local computer and the port 1947 opens up the tool installed with the softkey. For our example, I am using the Chrome browser.

2015-01-06 14-20-51.png

If this page does not display then it is likely that your softkey was not installed. If the page does display click the Sentinel Keys link in the left-hand column.

2015-01-06 14-22-31.png

This will display all the Sentinel keys current visible on the network as well as the computer hosting the key.

2019-10-23 14-06-08.png

If you can transfer your key, it will say "Rehostable" as indicated in the image

Check to see if your key is visible.