Login Error - HASP Error (41): The feature has expired

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Login Error: HASP Error (41): The feature has expired.

You may receive an OLI Security Error dialog similar to the following

Screen Shot 02-15-16 at 08.29 PM.PNG

The current security provider allows for trial copies of the software to be installed. These trials are valid for 30 days from the date of installation. The installation of the trial software is only permitted once per computer. This error message means that a second trial copy has been installed on the same computer as the previous trial installation. This is not permitted and trips the error message.

There is no work-around for this error message. Please contact OLI Systems for the sales department to discuss your options. Alternatively you will need to install this software on a computer which has not had an OLI Trial Software copy installed.

Author: James Berthold