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OLI Pro is a steady-state electrolyte process simulator that uses Honeywell’s UniSim Design flowsheet simulation shell. When you have an electrolyte-only or an electrolyte- primary system where OLI thermodynamics are sufficient for your flowsheet, OLI Pro was designed as an alternative simulator with an interface that will be familiar to your Aspen HYSYS and UniSim Design simulation specialists.

After several years of working with OLI Pro, OLI now recommends UniSim Design OLI instead of OLI Pro. This is because the OLI Engine in UniSim Design is the same code as OLI Pro, AND the OLI Engine in UniSim Design is kept up-to-date with the OLI Engine version available from OLI. OLI Pro's Engine has not been kept up-to-date.

OLI Engine in UniSim Design for more information.

OLI Pro is no longer supported in favor of either one of our Alliance Partner products, or OLI Flowsheet: ESP for OLI-only thermodynamics.