Was a trial software ever installed on my computer?

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How to determine if any trial software from OLI Systems was ever installed on your computer?

The trial software lock program that OLI uses permits only one instance of installation per program. This means if you ever installed the trial software before then you cannot ever reinstall the trial software for the same product.

There are several errors you may receive if you are attempting a re-install of the trial software. Below is one such error message (using OLI ESP as an example):

2015-09-10 9-46-47.png

This means that the installer found the trial software license already running on your computer. You cannot proceed with the current installation package.

Sometimes the license is not running and you will get through the installation. If this occurs, then you may receive an expiration message similar to the following:

2015-10-31 9-20-01.png

You may not remember installing the OLI software or it was installed as part of a training session. You can check to see if a license is running.

You will need to open a web page with the following local address (we are using Chrome but any browser will work):

2015-09-10 9-54-09.png

You will be taken to an internal site on your computer for the Sentinel keys:

2015-09-10 9-55-25.png

Click the Sentinel Keys link as indicated

2015-09-10 9-57-11.png

As can see in our example, we have many sentinel keys running on our network. Locate the first item which will be the Local computer (yours).

Scroll to the right and select the Features box.

2015-09-10 9-59-52.png

This is the current state of the local key. As you can see the feature OLI ESP Trial has been installed previous. Scrolling to the right you can see that the current instance of this program is Unusable.

This means that as some point in the past, a trial for this product has been installed. Subsequent installations will not work. Please contact Sales at OLI to solve this problem with a different type of license.

J Berthold