Water Analyses contain elements, B, Si, S, and P

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Water analysis data obtained from ICP measurements will contain concentrations for B, P, S, and Si. These elements do not exist in the water, rather they exist as dissolved ions. If they are part of your analysis, then you need to convert them to the following before entering them into the Brine or Water Analyses objects.

Table 1 Converting element concentration to species for Brine or Water Analysis

ICP data Aqueous Species Formula to enter Formula weight multiplier
B, boron boric acid H3BO3 B (mg/l) * 5.71 = H3BO3 (mg/l)
Si, Silicon silica SiO2 Si (mg/l) * 2.14 = SiO2 (mg/l)
P, Phosphorus..... dihydrogen phosphate..... H2PO4-1 P (mg/l) * 3.13 = H2PO4 (mg/l)
S, Sulfur sulfate or sulfide HS-1 or SO4-2 (cannot tell from total S only).... S (mg/l) * 1.03 for HS-1 (mg/l) or
S (mg/l) * 3.0 for SO4-2 (mg/l)