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(OLI Flowsheet: ESP)
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* [http://support.olisystems.com/Documents/Install%20Guides/OLI%20ESP%209.2%20User%20Guide.pdf OLI ESP User Guide v9.2]
* [http://support.olisystems.com/Documents/Install%20Guides/OLI%20ESP%209.6%20User%20Guide.pdf OLI ESP User Guide v9.6]
* [[ESP Original Tutorials]]
* [[ESP Original Tutorials]]
* [[ESP Original Tips]]
* [[ESP Original Tips]]
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* [[ESP Multistage Columns - Condenser Types]]
* [[ESP Multistage Columns - Condenser Types]]
* [[Mass Transfer Columns]]
* [[Mass Transfer Columns]]
== OLI Flowsheet: ESP ==
== OLI Flowsheet: ESP ==

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The Electrolyte Simulation Program (ESP) is a steady-state electrolyte process simulator with a proven track record in enhancing the productivity of engineers and scientists. With applications industry-wide, the software is not only applied to environmental applications but to almost any electrolyte chemical process.

End of Life Statement

November 29, 2018

With the release of version 9.6.2 OLI Systems, Inc. has decided to stop production of the ESP Original software. This venerable software has been in service since 1993 and it is time to move on. OLI prefers that its users transition to the OLI Flowsheet: ESP (also known as ESP FS in Asia) program which supports a modern interface.

No versions of this software will be sold after the release of version 10 sometime in 2019. At that time all support will cease for ESP Original and its subprograms:

  • ESP/Toolkit
  • OLI/Databook
  • ESP/Regression

OLI DynaChem will still be supported.


Even though ESP Original is hampered by a dated DOS-like interface, ESP Original remains the simulator of choice for a significant group of electrolyte simulation practitioners. This is due to the fact that ESP is a one-of-a-kind program, software developed by electrolyte specialists to fully support electrolytes in a flowsheet environment. ESP is also the most complete implementation of OLI’s technology in flowsheets.

OLI Flowsheet: ESP

OLI Flowsheet: ESP is a new UI for ESP Original that OLI is developing in response to clients who continue to demand an "OLI-only" flowsheet simulator for applications such as water treatment. OLI Flowsheet: ESP will be available for beta in 2Q 2015.