HASP Error (64): Cloned HASP SL secure storage detected

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The following error dialog may occur after you attempt to apply the Host Lock File (V2C) from OLI Systems.

2019-06-03 13-40-50.jpg

This is a softkey installation. The error is most common if computer from the Host ID file (C2V) was generated is not the same computer as the that the Host Lock file is being applied. For example, the Host Id file (C2V) was generated on the computer with the name:


And now the license manager was moved to a new host such as DCComix.olisystems.com. The Host Lock file (V2C) is no longer valid since it was generated from the first computer.

The Host Id file and the Host Lock file are paired and cannot be moved until they are first applied.

A secondary, but less common issue, is the the original host computer, Avenger.olisystems. com in our example was actually a virtual machine which was then moved to a new device before the Lock file was applied. This also fails.

The solution is to start the process over and generate a new Host ID file from the new installation or location and OLI will return a lock file to you.