Login Error: Could not find a valid protection key with ID: PS...

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Login Error: Could not find a valid protection key with ID: PS...

This is a common error message when using the Sentinel HASP softkey security solution.


Failure to complete the softkey installation

The most common reason for this error is that the C2V/V2C foot print. The user must create a file on the computer (called the C2V - Client to Vendor - file) which must then be sent to OLI Systems. OLI will then create a file to be installed on the client computer (Called the V2C - Vendor to Client file). More detailed instructions can be found here: How to install the OLI Software (for individual softkey) and Installing and Running the OLI License Manager 3.1 - Softkey Edition

Driver Failed to install - Repair Drivers Button Method

Occasionally the drivers for the softkey will fail to install. There are a variety of reasons for this which are too numerous to list. If you are sure that the C2V/V2C process has been completed then the next step is to drivers.

On the warning dialog there is a min-tab called Protection Key tools please select that tab.


On that tab there is a button that states Repair Drivers please click that button to see if the drivers are re-installed and then try the program again.


Driver Failed to install - Manual Instillation Method

Sometimes the same issue that prevented the driver installation during the normal OLI product installation will also prevent the Repair Drivers button method from working. You may see an error similar to:


In this case you will to download and install the drivers manually.

Please follow the instructions on the page Installing the hardlock drivers manually

Failure to start softkey service

Some systems are very stubborn to get running. You may get an error message similar to the following:


In that case please follow the instructions for Sentinel HASP Run-time installation - Error when starting the hasplms service with parameters...

When the drivers have been removed, please reinstall the drivers manually (see above)