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(OLI User Guides (Current for V11))
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==OLI User Guides (Current for V11)==
==OLI User Guides (Current for V11.5)==
[[Media:OLI Software Release Notes v11.pdf | OLI Software Release Notes for Version 11 (PDF)]]
[[Media:OLI Software Release Notes v11.pdf | OLI Software Release Notes for Version 11 (PDF)]]
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[[Media:OLI Flowsheet 11.0 User Guide.pdf | OLI Flowsheet: ESP (PDF)]]<br>
[[Media:OLI Flowsheet 11.0 User Guide.pdf | OLI Flowsheet: ESP (PDF)]]<br>
==OLI Systems' response to COVID-19==
==OLI Systems' response to COVID-19==

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OLI User Guides (Current for V11.5)

OLI Software Release Notes for Version 11 (PDF)

OLI Studio V11 User guide (PDF), includes Stream Analyzer, Corrosion Analyzer, ScaleChem, and EVS

OLI Flowsheet: ESP (PDF)

OLI Systems' response to COVID-19

With many of our users working remotely, if not all of them, OLI is striving to make access to our software as easy as possible. To that end we are providing an alternative method of our security program to allow remote access. We call this our Remote Access Server. Please contact your account owner for OLI Systems or customer support for access.

Please see How to use the OLI Remote License Manager for details on the remote server.

Please stay healthy and safe during this pandemic that affects us all.

A special statement from OLI Systems regarding the Apache Log4J Vulnerability


The OLI Systems desktop and cloud-based software are not at risk due to this vulnerability. OLI does the type of routines which would be vulnerable. However, OLI will remain vigilant to ensure that our software remains safe for our user community.

--- The OLI Support Team ---

OLI Systems (OLI) is a technology company with a core competency in electrolyte thermodynamics, process simulation and aqueous corrosion simulation. OLI delivers its technology through rigorous, first-principles software that predicts the properties and chemical composition of multi-phase aqueous and non-aqueous system. Our Wikipedia is designed to provide users with unique answers and support solutions to their questions.

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