OLI Flowsheet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently asked questions about the OLI Flowsheet ESP program

Import / Export

How do you copy and paste streams and water analysis samples from OLI Studio or OLI ScaleChem to OLI Flowsheet?
See the link - How to copy and paste from OLI Studio to OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Multi-Stage unit operations (Columns)

Column trace information

What does the information in the below image mean to the user?


Norm -> Square root of the sum of squares of the departure of the VLE equations (residuals) of the tower. The smaller the norm equates to solution confidence
Residual -> The result of the tower equation with the largest deviation from 0 (0 implies solved).
VLE -> Sum of Yi/Xi of all species Y – Vapor : X – Liq 1
M-Balance -> Mass balance across tower Out - In
H-Balance -> Enthalpy Balance across tower Out - In
Sumx+Sumy -> MBG group balance across tower Out - In