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OLI Name (TAG) - What is it?

OLI Name (TAG): This is the traditional name for the species stored internally in the OLI software. For example: BENZENE, CYCLOHEXAN, NACL

Let’s say for example you want to type the following reaction in the OLI reaction kinetics tool:


Note: You must use the OLI Tag Name for this step, and additionally specify the phase of the reactants and products.

As a general rule:

  • Water is a special case; it is written only as H2O
  • For an aqueous phase: AQ
  • For a vapor/gas phase: VAP
  • For a solid phase: PPT
  • For a hydrated solid: SOLIDNAME.nH2O, where n is the hydration number
  • For an ion: ION

You can find the OLI TAG Name of your specific species using the Component Search Tool.

In OLI terminology the above reaction will look like:


Author: Diana Miller