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Resetting of the OLI Security Serial Numbers for the client-side (networked) OLI Software products (OLI Studio, OLI Analyzer, ESP Original and OLI Flowsheet) are all reset in similar ways. For this example we will be using the OLI Studio.

General Security Failure

The serial number provided with the software contains a lot of very important information. Some of this information identifies the program to be installed, which features are to be installed and the type of security to be installed.

If the serial number on the server has has expired, or the network license manager is not running you will see a message similar to the following:

2017-01-27 10-44-36.png

This security dialog can provide you with information about the software as installed and information about your computer. As you can see, There is something wrong with the connection to the network server. The program name is displayed (in this case OLI Studio), its current version and revision (version 9.5, revision 9.5.2). The revision number is sometimes referred to as the “Build” number.

Entering the Serial Number

OLI Systems, Inc. may have sent you a revised serial number for the current year. In general, an updated serial number is not required for client-side installations. The security update is handled with the updated network license file. If you need to update the serial number you can do so by clicking the Security Options button.

The following dialog is displayed:

2020-01-14 14-21-30.png

The current serial number is displayed. Enter the new serial number provided.

Please note: The information in the red box is for this example only. Please use the name of your server and only enter a port number if instructed by your IT department to do so. Normally this is left blank.

2017-01-27 10-53-19.png

We have masked the actual serial number in the above image.

Click the OK button. You will be prompted to restart the application.

2015-11-09 11-14-29-need to restart application.png

Changing the name/address of the network license server

OLI recommends that a server name be used to specify the location of the OLI Network License Server. Many times the DNSLookup will change for a computer name (it's address) but the text remains the same. However, IP addresses are more exact and may be used.

If the server name or IP address has changed since the last time the OLI program was started you may see an error message like this:

2017-01-27 10-59-32.png

The currently entered name or address is shown in the error. In this particular case the port number of [25000] is also displayed:

Click the Security Options button:

2017-01-27 11-01-27.png

Update the license Server Name/IP address to the current value. The red box in the image is a drop-down box to allow you to change the format from IP address to a server name.

Please note: Please use the name of your server and only enter a port number if instructed by your IT department to do so. Normally this is left blank.

Click the OK button when complete.

You will get a message about the binding being updated and a need to restart the program.

2017-01-27 11-04-20.png

Click the OK button when complete.

Click the Close button to update the program

Restart the program to see if the changes have been applied

Author: Jim Berthold