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== Current Product ==
== Current Product ==
* [[OLI Studio V10 User Guide]]
* [[media:OLI Studio V10 User Guide_Feb2020.pdf | OLI Studio V10 User Guide (PDF)]]
** [[OLI Studio/Analyzer Example Files]]
** [[OLI Studio/Analyzer Example Files]]
** [[OLI Studio Stream Analyzer Tips]]
** [[OLI Studio Stream Analyzer Tips]]

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OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer

The OLI Studio's base component is Stream Analyzer, a program that provides the simplest and most direct access to OLI's two thermodynamic frameworks, the AQ and MSE frameworks.

The Stream Analyzer provides the ability to perform a single equilibrium calculation either isothermally or in a variety of ways including bubble and dew point, set pH, precipitation point, among others. Features also include the ability to study trends in pH, T, P, and composition, and the ability to mix streams and draw off phases. Molecular or ionic input is accepted.

Current Product

Archived Products

Security/Installation Issues

This page also contains articles that are generic to OLI Studio and applies to all the the products of OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer, ScaleChem, Corrosion Analyzer and EVS.

There are many ways to receive training in the OLI Studio. OLI's sales partner AQSim provides self-guided training manuals as well as periodic web-based training. both OLI's sales partners AQSim and SimTech provide regional training as well as onsite training at client locations.