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* [[Enable the File Viewer Plug-In]]
* [[Enable the File Viewer Plug-In]]
* [[Using OLI Studio to create and save DBS files]]
* [[Using OLI Studio to create and save DBS files]]
* [[Did OLI regress your data system? Using the Interaction Matix]]

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Program Features

Stream Features

Calculation Features

Plot and Report Features

Plot Template Manager
Creating and using Analyzer Plot Templates
How to export OLI/Analyzer reports to Excel
Exporting plot data from Analyzer Plots
How to switch plot variables from the Y1 axis to the Y2 axis and vice a versa (PDF)
How to display two different plots from the same file or calculation?
Chapter 38 Example File (ZIP)
Why are my ion concentrations larger in the aqueous phase column than in the total column?

Program Options

Enabling custom calculation within survey
Enabling Features under Development

Error Messages