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'''Start in Computer B'''
'''Start in Computer B'''
1. Open the OLI License Key Utility
1. Open the OLI License Key Utility

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Steps for Transferring a Sofkey


If you need to transfer your softkey from computer A to Computer B, you need to follow these steps:

Start in Computer B

1. Open the OLI License Key Utility 2. Click on Collect Information button



3. Click Yes


4. Save your *.OLIrid file

5. Send *.OLIrid file to Computer A

6. Computer A opens the OLI License Key Utility

7. Computer A selects the softkey it needs to transfer

8. Computer A Clicks on Transfer Key Button


9. Save the *.OLIh2h file, and send it to Computer B

10. Computer A doesn’t have access to the softkey anymore

11. Computer B receives the *.OLIh2h file and save it.

12. Computer B opens OLI License Key Utility

13. Computer B clicks on the Apply Update button

14. Computer B opens the *.OLIh2h file


15. A message saying that the key was applied successfully appears. Computer B has access to the key.