How to install the OLI Software (for individual USB hardlock key)

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Please make sure that you download the latest copy of OLI software. You can download the software at

You can also see the following instructional video to download and install the software with a personal USB hardlock key.

Downloading OLI software

This is an example for downloading and installing the OLI Software on same machine as License Manager.

Plugging the USB hardlock key

For setting up the individual PC copy, you will need the new PA key sent to you by distribution. Make sure to confirm the key ID number with the email sent to you by distribution. Plug this key in into the machine(s).

Installing the software

Go to the location of your downloaded files. Right click on the file, run the executable file as an administrator.


Click Next


Select the radio button for I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next


Input your Serial number on the following screen for Customer Information:


Click Next

Select the Typical install option


Now you are on the Ready to Install section. Click on Install


This will bring you to a Progress window.


Warning: When installing new version of the software, you may encounter the following error:


Click Ignore. This will make the installation continue normally.

Click Finish after you see the following window:


If you see the following window, make sure you select yes to restart. Restarting the machine ensures a complete install.


You should see an icon for OLI Studio 9.2 on your desktop as follows:


Double click or right mouse click-> Run , should successfully launch the OLI Studio:

Flash screen.png