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This page contains a list of errors message observed during installation and while running the software.

Please find the error message that you see in your screen below.

List of Common OLI Error Messages

OLI Error Message
Could not connect to license server 'ncacn_ip_tcp:...' Please check your network connection and settings and ensure that the license server is running.
Could not connect to the network hardlock server. Check your network settings and that the server is functioning.
An error occurred during the installation of assembly component
Login Error: Could not find a valid protection key with ID: PA...
Login Error: Could not find a valid protection key with ID: PS...
Login Error: Could not find a valid protection key with ID: LS...
Opening Service Control Manager (Failed)
OLI Flowsheet - Unspecified Run-time error
Your system date was reset. Key invalidated
Security provider failed to initialize. RpcNsBindingImportNext Failed
Security provider failed to initialize. The security method used in this serial number is not longer supported.
Sentinel HASP Run-time installation - Error when starting the hasplms service with parameters...
Serial Number Provided (V2-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX) has options that the license server does not support
Server License has expired. Please contact your administrator
Simultaneous user count reached
The serial number specified is invalid or has expired. The installation cannot continue and will now exit
There was an error configuring the trial license. The installation process cannot continue and will now exit
Unable to determine a valid product login for serial number
Unable to initialize engine security
Error initializing database Cause =" Terminating application.
Error Code Vendor Error Message OLI Error Message
0 API call was successful No Error, call to device was successful
1 DONGLE not initialized Dongle not programmed, contact OLI
2 Already initialized No Error
3 NotEnoughMemory The computer hosting the HASP has run out of memory, reboot recommended
4 Function not supported You are using an OLI dongle with a non-OLI program using the same drivers. Use the proper key
5 Not used
6 HL-Server login table full Not used, was used for v1.0 server
7 HASP key not found Login Error: HASP Error (7): HASP Key not found
8 A network error occurred Can not find your network, please check settings
9 No device available Can not read device
10 A wrong parameter occurred Invalid argument passed to key, Contact OLI
11 HL-Server not API version Not used by OLI
12 Error on memory allocation Programming on key invalid, contact OLI
13 Not used
14 Can not open driver (NT,UNIX) Missing drivers, re-installed with full admin
15 Invalid environment string Login Error: Hardlock Error(15): Invalid environment string.
16 Unable to get a function entry Not used by OLI
17 No valid license info (LM) Not used by OLI
18 Key with specified ID was not found HASP Error (18): Key with specified ID was not found.
19 Port Busy Can not acquire port, is the port set correctly
20 No Device Not used by OLI
21 Invalid License Not used by OLI
22 Sync Error Not used by OLI
23 Not used
24 Buffer too small Not used by OLI
25 Unknown hardware descriptor Not used by OLI
26 Unknown fixed block position Not used by OLI
27 HASP Error (27): Terminal services (remote terminal) detected Error Terminal Services are not supported with local protection key
28 Date fake detected User attempted to roll back date on host computer
29 Dead counter limit reached Not used by OLI
30 Vendor key is invalid Not used by OLI
31 Feature not found HASP Error (31): Feature not found
32 Invalid variable block Not used by OLI
33 Error updating license file Not used by OLI
34 No info there Not used by OLI
35 Can not TLV encode data Not used by OLI
36 Write license failed Not used by OLI
37 Expiration Date Reached Key has expired
38 Term. Server/ Citrix Server detected Virtual environment detected. Exit program
39 Invalid updated data Not used by OLI
40 Update data has expired Not used by OLI
41 The feature has expired Login Error - HASP Error (41): The feature has expired
43 HASP SL secure storage I/O error or USB request error HASP Error (43): HASP SL secure storage I/O error or USB request error
48 Vendor library cannot be found HASP error (48) vendor library cannot be found
51 Virtual Machine Detected Login Error: HASP Error (51): Virtual machine detected
52 HASP Update incompatible HASP ERROR (52): HASP Update incompatible with this hardware...
58 Invalid XML "recipient" parameter HASP Error (58): Invalid XML "recipient" parameter
64 Cloned HASP SL secure storage detected HASP Error (64): Cloned HASP SL secure storage detected
65 HSpecified V2C update already installed in the LLM HASP Error (65): Specified V2C update already installed in the LLM
256 Login table full (remote) Not used by OLI, was used with v1.0 server
257 Printer not On-line Used by parallel port key when printer attached
258 Serial ID not readable or n/a Device corrupted, contact OLI
2-78 HASP Error: Hardware Changes detected C2V/V2C pairing invalid due to hardware changes
0-4005 Unable to connect to key() No hardkey or softkey device (PA, PH, or PS type) is connected to the USB port

HASP codes from the manufacturer

Common Error Messages Classified by Type




Login Errors

Login Errors

Security Errors

List of Uncommon OLI Error Messages

On this page, we list uncommon error messages that are encountered by the OLI Software. Many of these errors are due to drivers and other factors outside of OLI's control.

OLI Legacy Software

***ERROR: Unable to acquire ESP, CSP and toolkit license

OLI Studio Errors

Error in DBController

OLI Chemistry Wizard Errors

GENDBS Failed (Error Code = 36).

Full list of Error Codes from the security device