Resetting the Hardware Key

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Occasionally there will be a need to reset the hardware key supplied by OLI Systems, Inc. There are many reasons for this reset. One typical reason is an automatic date change. This frequently occurs during a change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard time. If the computer is powered on when the Key was attached when the time changes, then a failed key may result.

Other times, the network administrator will synchronize all computer times with a central server. A roll-back in time may also fail the key. There are many other reasons a key will fail.

How to reset the hardlock key from the OLI Security Error dialog.

You might see a screen similar to this:

Reset Screen 1.jpg

This indicates that the hardware key has failed.

Click the Protection Key Tools tab.

This will return a screen like

Reset Screen 2.jpg

Click the Reset Key button.

Reset Screen 3.jpg

Send the unlock code number (yours will be different) to OLI Systems. The number can be copied from the dialog. You can close the program.

Or call or FAX the number to:

(973) 539-4996 extension 24 (973) 539-5922 FAX

OLI’s business hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

OLI will then return a code to enter into the Enter the restore code provided by OLI The dialog should look like this:

Reset Screen 4.jpg

You code will be different.

If you have shut down the program, please restart it which will generate the error message dialog again. Follow the above steps to return the above image.

You will be prompted to restart the program:

Reset Screen 5.jpg

This will automatically close the program. The hardware key has been reset.

Manually resetting the OLI hardlock key

Sometimes the OLI Hardlock key will fail and you will not be given an option to reset the key from the program. This frequently happens when the key is damaged by static electricity. You can manually reset the key using a stand-alone program.

You will need to locate this file on your computer. It is installed when you originally installed the OLI software. Here is the path For 32 bit operating systems "C:\Program Files\Common Files\OLI Systems\Hardlock\OLIHardlockUtility.exe"

For 64 bit operating systems "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\OLI Systems\Hardlock\OLIHardlockUtility.exe"

You can copy the above path into your address bar of the file start | Run bar to execute the program. For Windows 7, the image is:

Reset Screeb 6 updated.jpg

After pasting in the above path (we are using the 64 bit example)

Reset Screen 7.jpg

Here you can see the program at the top of the window. Use either method to activate the program:

A different program will be displayed:

Reset Screen 8.jpg

Click the Generate button.

Reset Screen 9.jpg

This provides an unlock code, please send this to OLI (the Email address is above).

OLI will then return a restore code to you.

Reset Screen 10.jpg

Click the Restore button.

You will see a restored message:

Reset Screen 11.jpg

Click the OK button and then click the Close button.

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