Key Not Detected

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Error message during the OLI Network Security Provider Update/Install

The automatic update of the OLI License File when using the provider will follow the following steps:

  1. . Load the license file into memory
  2. . Open the server control manager
  3. . Check to see if the service is already installed
  4. . Stop the service (note: this does not require the server to rebooted)
  5. . Update the license from memory
  6. . Check to see if there is a valid production key (this is the point where the error message appear)
  7. . Check to see if the license is installed
  8. . Start the service
  9. . Sent the success message
  10. . Close the dialog

Sometimes the "Key is not detected" in point 6 above. See the following image


However, it seems that the license provider actually starts and runs correctly. OLI end-users will be able to connect to the server with out issue.

The problem seems to be if you have used Remote Desktop to update the server. The installation key is stored in memory the user work space on the server and not in the system memory. Unfortunately Remote Desktop does not have access to this memory space and will trip the error.

As long as the service starts then all is ok.

OLI will update this in the future.