Error in DBController

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Error in DBController::convertPrivate():

You may get an error similar to the following when importing a private database into OLI Studio:


There are several reasons for this error message. They are:

Multiple copies of OLI Studio open at the same time.
OLI Studio version 9.5.3 and earlier use Microsoft Access as its database. This requires exclusive access to the database while the program is running. The Databank Converter Program must open the databank for write access and this is not permitted if the database is already open. Close all the extra instances of OLI Studio and try again.
Program Data Folder is write protected.
During the conversion process, the ESP-format database is copied to the following folder C:\ProgramData\OLI Systems\Databanks\9.5.3. The version number in this example is 9.5.3. Replace this with the highest version number in the folder tree. If access to this folder is locked then the error will be tripped. Even if the user is an "Admin" permission may still be prohibited.