OLI Flowsheet - Unspecified Run-time error

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Sometimes when you run OLI Flowsheet for the second time, you will receive the following error:


This error occurs because, during the installation of OLI Flowsheet, Microsoft Windows doesn't think it is compatible with Windows 10 or later. A flag is set in the registry to force compatibility. This is unnecessary because OLI Flowsheet is compatible with Windows 10. A DLL is not properly unloaded between calculations and thus causes the error.

There is a complicated fix for both version 10 and version 11 of OLI Flowsheet.

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Extract both text files to a folder
  3. Change the name of the file for your version from "TXT" to "BAT" (this can be done by renaming the file and stripping off the ".txt" file extension).
  4. You can then run the bat file from a command prompt with "Run As Administrator"

Fix Flowsheet batch files

Here is a video describing the fix