Login Error: HASP Error (7): HASP Key not found

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You may have received the error message "Login Error: HASP Error (7): HASP Key not found"

There are several causes for this error message but the most common is that you had a serial number that did not require access to our security layer. This is common when using a client serial number on a network but can also be due to having a date-only serial number locally.

If you switch the serial number to a new version that requires access to the security layer then this error message appears. This occurs because you may have downgraded from a network copy to a personal copy. It can also occur when going from a date-only serial number to one protected by the hardlock/HASP tools.

The only remedy is to uninstall the current version of the OLI software and then re-install using the updated serial number. This will force the installation of the required files to run the security layer.