Unable to determine a valid product login for serial number

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OLI Security Error: Unable to determine a valid product login for serial number.

There is an odd set of circumstances when this error message occurs. The main issue is that the network has run out of valid seats/tokens. For example, we have created a small network installation for just the OLI Studio program with 1 seat. When all the seats have been taken a new user will receive the following error message:


A savy user may want to obtain additional information and could use the OLI Security Settings and Test program. This program is available for all OLI programs in the Tools sub-program group.


Clicking the Open Security button will reveal the error:


The only resolution is for the end-user to wait until the seat on the network is returned. Or the end-user could ask the network administrator to force logout the other user(s).

See Administering the OLI License Manager for how administer and logout users on the OLI network.

Author: Jim Berthold