OLI Engine in PROII

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Through PRO/II Electrolytes, PRO/II clients have seamless access to a substantial part of the OLI AQ thermodynamic model. This product is sold exclusively by AVEVA and comes bundled with the PRO/II software.

Here is a listing of the components in this limited database. ProII Limited listing (zip file of an Excel file)

When PRO/II Electrolytes clients want to upgrade to the full OLI MSE and AQ frameworks, then OLI Engine in PRO/II is the product to choose from. The OLI Engine in PRO/II allows the full databank for OLI, both the AQ and MSE models, as a property package with the PRO/II flowsheet simulation environment.

OLI Engine in PRO/II may be evaluated by contacting either AVEVA or OLI. OLI will help screen your chemistry to determine whether the MSE framework is suitable for your application.