Why is Carbonic Acid not in any OLI Databases

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Question: Why is carbonic acid (H2CO3) not in any OLI database?

OLI has not introduced H2CO3(aq) as a separate species; instead, the effect of H2O on CO2(aq) has been treated as a physical interaction for CO2(aq) / H2O (through the activity coefficient model) rather than a chemical entity of H2CO3(aq)) (e.g. from hydration of CO2(aq)), as these two effects (and the two species, CO2(aq) and H2CO3(aq)) are difficult to be differentiated technically (experimentally) in the aqueous solution and the presence of carbonic acid does not affect solution properties such as pH as the hydration of CO2(aq) does not involve changing of the H+ concentration.