Current issues with OLI Flowsheet:ESP

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Here are some of the known issues with the OLI Flowsheet: ESP program.


General Information

Non-ESP programs bundled with the ESP install not included with OLI Flowsheet

There are several classes of programs that were bundled with the original ESP installation files. These programs are largely replaced by OLI Studio but some are not.

CSP Corrosion

This program is completely replaced by OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer. It is not available with OLI Flowsheet: ESP

OLI Databook

This program is being phased out. At the moment the program can be distributed to end-users upon request. It is not available with OLI Flowsheet: ESP

OLI Toolkit

This program is largely replaced by OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer.

  • OLI Express - This is completely replaced by OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer and is not available with OLI Flowsheet: ESP.
  • WaterAnalyzer - This is completely replaced by OLI Studio: Stream Analyzer and is not available with OLI Flowsheet: ESP.
  • Prochem - The programs ElectroChem and DynaChem are not replaced by any program however they are not available with OLI Flowsheet: ESP. If you require these programs please contact OLI Systems.

OLI Estimate

This program is not available with OLI Flowsheet: ESP.


OLI has changed the format of the OLI databanks from the original 39 files developed for the FORTRAN code to a single SQL file. This makes maintaining the software much easier. However, it will require any users that have ESP databanks to convert them to the new SQL format. A tool has been provided under the OLI Flowsheet program group.

Chemistry Models

Multiple Models

Multiple models are supported in OLI Flowsheet:ESP

Pseudocomponents and Assays

Assay and pseudocomponent names are remapped to a nonspecific name in the model file. For example, in ESP Original the assay name CRUDE would generate the pseudocomponent cut names (based on distillation data) of the type CRUDE_273K, CRUDE_283K,etc. In OLI Flowsheet: ESP the name becomes UD_273K. This should not be a problem because the name is properly remapped back in the reports and output calls. Only debugging tasks will see these remapped names.

Unit Operations

Current Support Status

There are many unit operations in the ESP Original program. Most have been or will be implemented in OLI Flowsheet: ESP. Some unit operations are not yet ready but are planned for inclusion. Other unit operations are not planned for inclusion in the software since OLI's business interests have migrated away from those areas.

These undeveloped unit operations will continue to be supported in the ESP Original program.

Those unit operations in the third column Future Development which are blank are planned for inclusion but have not yet been scheduled for development.

ESP Original Unit Operation Currently Supported in OLI Flowsheet:ESP Under development Future Development Plans
Absorber - Equilibrium YES
Absorber - Mass Transfer YES
Activated Sludge Bioreactor NO NO NO
Calculator NO YES
Clarifier NO NO NO
Compressor YES
Crystallizer NO NO Uncertain
Dehydrator NO NO Uncertain
Electrodialysis NO NO Uncertain
Electrolyzer NO NO Uncertain
Energy Transfer YES
Extractor NO NO NO
Feedback Controller YES
Feedfoward Controller YES
Filter NO NO Uncertain
Heat Exhanger YES
Incinerator NO NO NO
Manipulate YES
Membrane NO YES
MSMPR Crystallizer YES NO NO
Reactor - Aqueous - chemical YES
Reactor - Stoichiometric Yes
Reactor - Aqueous Mass Transfer NO YES
Reactor - Bio NO NO NO
Reactor - Gibbs YES
Reactor - Non-Aqueous NO NO NO
Saturator NO NO Uncertain
Sensitivity NO YES
Sepearate YES
Settler NO NO NO
Split - Component YES
Split - Flow YES
Stripper - Equilibrium YES
Stripper - Mass Transfer YES
Turbine YES
User Block YES NO Uncertain
Xcrystallizer NO NO NO

Specific Unit Operation Development Notes

Unit Operation Notes
Not all controller parameters are supported

User Interface Issues

Linking to other OLI Programs

Linking to OLI Studio/Analyzers

Copy and Paste 
Not yet implemented

Import from ESP Original

Importing supported 
Some blocks not yet implemented will fail to open.

Export to ESP Original

Exporting to ESP BIN Files 
Exporting the process to the BIN file will create both a BIN file and a MOD file for the chemistry.


Missing or incomplete Reports

Packed columns 
Incomplete data. All data is available from the solver but is not yet captured

Operating Systems Supported

All operating systems from Microsoft Windows Vista and later are supported. Microsoft Windows XP and earlier are not supported.

Author: Jim Berthold