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[[Opt-Out of OLI Flowsheet Analytics]]
[[Opt-Out of OLI Flowsheet Analytics]]
=== User Training ===
== User Training ==
[[Introduction to OLI Flowsheet - Part 1]]
[[Introduction to OLI Flowsheet - Part 1]]

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Getting Started with OLI Flowsheet: ESP



This page has a collection of documents which will help get a new user started with OLI Flowsheet: ESP

Getting Started Guides

Here is a getting started guide (PDF)

User Guides

OLI Flowsheet V10 User Guide (PDF)

OLI Flowsheet 9.6 User Guide (PDF)

Converting old ESP databanks into SQL formats

How to convert to the new databank format (PDF)

Transitioning from ESP Original

Converting old BIN files

Converting ESP Original Files

Security Issues

Opt-Out of OLI Flowsheet Analytics

User Training

Introduction to OLI Flowsheet - Part 1