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== OLI Engine Manuals ==
* [[OLI Engine]]

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OLI Engine: Developer Edition allows clients to embed calls to OLI’s AQ and MSE electrolyte thermodynamic frameworks in their own programs.

The Developer Edition is a two-level collection of calls that can be used to customize your own interface to OLI calculations.

Base Level: OLI Chemistry Wizard

Level 1: Core Interface

Written in FORTRAN, this collection of calls can be used to create (or access) a chemistry model, setup an equilibrium calculation and access the resulting phase separations and properties. The Basic Interface can also directly call for properties without an equilibrium call, providing maximum flexibility and speed for the calling program. This interface works with the FORTRAN concept of calls and arrays. Software development skills and some knowledge of OLI internals are needed.

Level 2: API

Written in C, this API works with the concept of streams. Using a chemistry model defined in either the OLI Studio or the Chemistry Wizard, this collection of calls sets up input stream data, calls an equilibrium calculation, and retrieves data from a results stream. Ionic input is supported. The API works in native units with units conversion left to the calling program.