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On this page, we gather frequently asked questions that apply across all the OLI software products.


OLI Release Notes

Application questions

Freezing solutions

Question: I need to mention that our project involves freeze-desalination. In this method, the saline water with a variety of dissolved salts is cooled to temperatures below liquid line to create ice. The remaining solution becomes more concentrated due to removal of pure water in the form of ice crystals. We wanted to make sure that the product you quoted can analyze the freezing process. The main salts include NaCl, MgCl2, KCl, CaCl2, phosphate salts and possibility of other metal salts

Answer: The MSE model, should be suitable for this application. It can easily handle the freezing of salt solutions. Note that the AQ model should not be used for this purpose. Yes, we have these salts

Industrial questions

What does OLI model in the nuclear industry?

We have done is the water evaporation of nuclear waste as well as traditional boiler feed water chemistry

Metals and Mining

Question: We would like to test OLI in this context: the dissolution of an aluminosilicate ore in highly concentrated acid (20-40% wt) Do you think OLI software model and implemented databases can easily handle this case accounting for to the high ionic strength of the solution?

Answer: It depends on the ore but in principle yes we can

Alliance Partners

What programs can you interface with other than the big guys?

Question: Do you interface with programs such as MatLab, COMSOL, and others? The necessary minerals should include (or allow the implementation of thermodynamic properties of) anorthosite, silica, calcite as well as calcium, sodium and aluminum chloride precipitates and related minerals. In addition, we look for a software that can be (easily) interfaced with scientific calculation environment (such as Matlab, Comsol Multiphysics, R, Python …) for kinetic and reactor modeling?

Answer: We have all these species. COMSOL has created their own OLI interface using our DevEd. They should contact COMSOL I think. As for the others, DevEd is the answer but we don't create the actual interface.

Can your unit operations in OLI Flowsheet interface with other programs such as MatLab?

Not directly, it is not a current offering except in the developer edition. even there, RO is not available. He would have to build his own membrane. We don't provide that via the DevEd