What's the difference between Thermodynamic Frameworks

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The limits are thermodynamic framework dependent.  There are three frameworks available in OLI Software.  MSE (default in version 11.5), MSE-SRK, and AQ.

For MSE the ranges are:

  • Temperature: Up to 0.9* Tcritical. For a water-rich solution this would be approximately 340 oC
  • Pressure: 1500 Atmospheres
  • Ionic Strength: No limit
  • TDS: No Limit
  • Concentration: infinite dilution to fused salt.

For MSE-SRK the ranges are:

Essentially the same as for MSE but targeted at a smaller set of chemistries.  In the water-rich liquid phase the ranges are the same.

In the non-water-rich phases (including vapor), CO2 and/or H2S rich in light hydrocarbons – C1 to C7 and pressures greater than 80 Atm.  I do have a wiki for this: https://wiki.olisystems.com/wiki/MSE-SRK

For AQ the ranges are:

The older AQ thermodynamic framework is much more limited.

  • Temperature: 0 oC to 300 oC
  • Pressure: 1500 Atmospheres
  • Ionic Strength: 30 mol/Kg H2O