Installing OLI in non-Standard Aspen Installations

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How to install the OLI Software when Aspen PLUS was not installed using the standard installation set.

The installation file for the OLI Engine in Aspen Plus requires that several registry settings be defined by the Aspen Plus installation procedure. Sometimes when installing the Aspen Plus software via an installation script, these registry settings are not created. When this occurs, the following error message may be displayed by the OLI installation software:

2014-10-24 9-34-41.png

The only fix for this error is to manually edit the registry file on your computer. This will require Administrative Privilege Access on your computer. Here are the basic entries which we suspect are missing:

Under the key:


These variables are missing:





Where XXX corresponds to the internal Aspen Plus version number.

Here is a list of version numbers of which OLI knows.

Aspen Versions
Internal Number Version Number
8.6 320
8.4 300
8.0 270
7.3 250

In the example above replace the XXX with the correct version number. For example Aspen Plus V8.6 would have the following keys:








Of course each variable must have a value. In addition, each location specified must also exist on the computer. If these folders do not exist, they must be created (they can be empty).

For this example, Aspen Plus V8.6 has these values (version 64 bit operating Systems)


APRSYS320_ENG=C:\Program Files (x86)\AspenTech\AprSystem V8.6\Engine\

APRSYS320_ENGXEQ=C:\Program Files (x86)\AspenTech\AprSystem V8.6\Engine\Xeq\

APRSYS320_GUI=C:\Program Files (x86)\AspenTech\AprSystem V8.6\GUI\

ASPENPLUS320_GUIFORMS=C:\Program Files (x86)\AspenTech\Aspen Plus V8.6\GUI\forms\

For 32 bit operating systems, the path is similar


APRSYS320_ENG=C:\Program Files\AspenTech\AprSystem V8.6\Engine\

APRSYS320_ENGXEQ=C:\Program Files\AspenTech\AprSystem V8.6\Engine\Xeq\

APRSYS320_GUI=C:\Program Files\AspenTech\AprSystem V8.6\GUI\

ASPENPLUS320_GUIFORMS=C:\Program Files\AspenTech\Aspen Plus V8.6\GUI\forms\

An alternative method is to create a registry file and then double-click to import the settings. A sample registry file can be downloaded here

First open the ZIP and extract the TXT (text) file. Rename the TXT extension to REG. This creates a registry file. Double-click the file to import the settings. Remember you need Administrative Privilege to import a registry key.