A short course on data entry

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This is a short course on data entry. Very short, it is not designed to replace the formal OLI Data Regression Course (typically a three-day program). Rather it is to enter data based on easily obtainable sources such as from handbooks or from solubility data.

For this example, we are going to enter data for a solid not currently covered in the OLI Databanks. This is the solid silver phosphate, Ag3PO4. There are only limited data from handbooks but it's a good place to start.

OLI Databook

To begin, we need to take a quick overview of the OLI Databook for version 11. See the video

Creating your first Databook

Now we need to create our first databook. See the video

Entering the basic data for Ag3PO4.

Entering data for the solid based on Ksp data from Smith and Martell