Adding a port number for Firewall

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In order to add a port number for your machine's firewall, the following tutorial is going to assume that the latest version of OLI's Network License manager is up and running at this point on a given machine.

Please Note: The Port number information as well as The Server/binding Name or IP address should be obtained from your company's IT department

For some background information we have included the following links and articles. Please note that OLI is in no way responsible for identifying the port numbers for your machine.

OLI uses Microsoft RPC for communication which by default uses dynamic port numbers for TCP/IP.

The range used is based on the operating system version on your computer:

On Windows Server 2008 and later and Windows Vista and later the default range of dynamic RPC ports is TCP 49152 through 65535.

For information on how to configure dynamic RPC ports see the following Microsoft article:KB929851

Windows versions earlier than Windows Server 2008 and Vista used a default port range of 1025 through 5000 for dynamic RPC.

On Windows Server 2008 you can configure the Windows firewall so that it opens RPC ports dynamically.

If you do this there is no need to open a port range for dynamic RPC.

The following Microsoft article discusses how to configure dynamic RPC ports:

Below is a link to see the current list of port assignments that are registered with IANA:

Opening the Port on the User machine and/or Server

Please make sure that you have opened the same port number on your machine and your server/or a third party firewall. Please ask for assistance at your IT department to get this step done.

Updating the port number in the Network License Manager

Go to start menu and find Network License Server under OLI Systems folder:


Please note that this example is for the build 3.1.9 of the Network Security Provider.


You will have to STOP the server in order to make changes to the port number:


Go to the Network Setting tab as follows and click edit:


Editing the protocol will pop the following window. Input the Port number and click OK


No you can Start the server again:


When the Start button is greyed out , it means that the server has started. You can close this window now.


Updating the Port number in OLI Studio

Open the OLI Studio from your desktop. This example has been created for V 9.2:

Go to Help and About OLI Studio:

4 firewall.png

Click on Security options,

This will pop up the following window:

3 firewall.png

Change the Port number under Network License section. The License Server IP Address will be provided by your company's IT department along with the Port number.

1 firewall.png

Once you update the Port Number, you will need to close the OLI Software and re-open it. Click OK on the following message.

2 firewall.png

A reboot of the client computer may be required to affect the change.

Author: Jane Mooney, updated by Jim Berthold