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How to calculate and display Heat Capacity in the OLI Studio/Analyzer.

By default the OLI Studio/Analyzer does not calculate some of the transport and thermodynamic properties because of the excessive time required for execution. Some of these properties are viscosity and heat capacity. This tutorial will show you how to enable all of the properties by using heat capacity as an example.

For this example we are using a 1 mole solution of NaOH in 55.508 moles of H2O at 25 C and 1 atmosphere pressure. We are also using the MSE thermodynamic framework. We are also using an isothermal single point calculation. Here is an image of the input.

2015-03-17 10-20-01.png

We will now calculate this object and show you the report.

2015-03-17 10-21-53.png

As you can see, no heat capacity data is displayed. To calculate this property you need to enable it. We will show you two ways of enabling the calculation.

Enabling the Heat Capacity calculation using the Right-click

From tree-view menu, right-click the object for which you need the heat capacity

2015-03-17 10-34-21.png

This will display a list of options

[File:2015-03-17 10-36-14.png]]

Select Calculation Options

The box for Heat Capacity will be unchecked.

2015-03-17 10-37-36.png

Check the box to enable the calculation and click the OK button.

This does not automatically add the property to the report. The object must be recalculated. Please recalculate the object now.

2015-03-17 10-40-05.png

You can now see that the Heat Capacity has been added to the report. It is has also been added to the plot if you were performing a survey.

There is an alternative method of adding this calculation

Using the Specs... button to add the Heat Capacity calculation.

From the Definition tab, click the Specs... button.

2015-03-17 10-42-25.png

This will display the same Calculation Options dialog as above. Select Heat Capacity and then re-calculate the object.

2015-03-17 10-43-51.png

--Jberthold (talk) 14:51, 17 March 2015 (UTC)