Creating a Log File during Installation

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How to create a LOG file while installing the OLI Software?

Occasionally the installation will fail to properly install. When this happens we can run a diagnostic test. We are using OLI Studio 9.6.2 as an example please use your current version number. See below for the actual command lines:

The user will need to use the command window (start > run > cmd) and issue the following command for the OLI Studio

Download and save the installation file to a folder such as "My Documents"

Start the command window (start > run > cmd)

From the command window issue the command CD "My Documents"

Issue this command for the OLI Studio (remember to use the quote marks!)

"OLI Studio 9.6.2.exe" /log fail.txt

This will create a text file named "fail.txt" in the same folder as the EXE file. Please send this file to OLI for Analysis.

Product Command Line
OLI Studio "OLI Studio 10.0.1.exe" /log fail.txt
OLI Flowsheet "OLI Flowsheet 10.0.1.exe" /log fail.txt
Aspen PLUS "OLI Engine in Aspen Plus.9.6.2.exe" /log fail.txt
Aspen HYSYS "OLI Engine in Aspen HYSYS.9.6.2.exe" /log fail.txt
OLI Network License Manager "OLI Network License Server 3.4.3.exe" /log fail.txt

Other OLI software packages not listed here have the same type of options.

Please send the file to OLI for analysis