Enabling end-users to see other users logged in

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How to enable end-users to see who else is logged in to the OLI Software

You need to start the OLI Network Administrator tool found in the OLI Systems program group under Network License Server. When started it will show all the OLI license servers present on the network.

2015-12-15 15-01-07.png

Double-click the desired server, in this case GRANITE to see the options you can set.

2015-12-15 15-02-13.png

All the OLI users currently logged into OLI Software will displayed. You can see who is logged here but that is inconvenient for end-users. Please click the Settings mini-tab.

In the Server Visibility box you can enable what the end-users will see when running the OLI software.

2015-12-15 15-03-11.png

It is recommended that you check both boxes.

2015-12-15 15-04-04.png

You can now exit the OLI Network Administrator tool.

Using the OLI Software you can now check to see who is logged in.

You can now see who is logged into the OLI network. We are using the OLI Studio/Analyzer program but any of the OLI programs which have access to the Help/About menu system has access to this feature. Select the Help menu item.

2015-12-15 15-05-25.png

Select About OLI Analyzer or About OLI Studio or the name of the program you are using.

2015-12-15 15-06-13.png

Select the Current Users mini-tab.

2015-12-15 15-07-23.png

The current list of OLI users is now displayed. You can expand the users by clicking the plus sign next to the user's name.

2015-12-15 15-09-24.png

Here we have expanded the OLI user jberthold (the author by-the-way) and we can see which products are logged in and the name of the computer in use.

2015-12-15 15-10-15.png

We can also use the List by button and list by product.

2015-12-15 15-11-21.png

In this example we can see that we have two users for OLI Stream Analyzer currently in use.

Author: James Berthold