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Each of the OLI/Analyzers is designed to work with each component. You can drag and drop objects from the StreamAnalyzer into the CorrosionAnalyzer. Alternatively, if you have the appropriate licenses, you can activate the CorrosionAnalyzer, Studio ScaleChem and EVS analyzer within the StreamAnalyzer . The same is true for each of the analyzers. In this section we will activate the OLI File Viewer.

Start the OLI/StreamAnalyzer

Locate the Tools menu item and select it.

From the drop down menu select Options…


This will display the Options window.

Click on Plug-Ins.

Enable plugins 2.png

The currently installed set of plug-ins will be displayed. We can add more plug-ins.

Click the Add button

Enable plugins 3.png

Plug-ins for the OLI/Analyzers all have the extension “OLX”.

To install the Corrosion Analyzer, highlight CorrosionAnalyzer.olx

The CorrosionAnalyzer plug-in has been loaded and automatically activated. You can repeat this for the Analyzer Tester.

Click the OK button.

The plug-ins have now been loaded. The program needs to be shut down and restarted. Save your files if necessary.

When restarting the program, the plug-ins will be initialized

The CorrosionAnalyzer icons will be displayed on the Explore View along with the standard StreamAnalyzer icons. This is true if you already did not have Corrosion Analyzer Plug in enabled.

Now click on the checkbox before OLI file Viewer. Click Ok.

Once you do your calculation, you should see an additonal tab next to the Report tab.

Enable plugins 4.png

One final note: The Corrosion database, required for the CorrosionAnalyzer is not automatically loaded for diagrams and rates calculations. The user will have to activate these databases.

This was based on OLITips30.