How to export OLI/Analyzer reports to Excel

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Occasionally a user will need to take the report data in the OLI Analyzers and export it to Excel. The report data is a Rich-Text-Format report so it can be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. This requires some advanced usage of the spreadsheet program to properly format the document.

Alternatively the user can export the report directly to a “Comma Separated Variable” or CSV file. This file is directly readable by most spreadsheet programs.

To start the export you must have a converged case. Click on the Report tab.

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Figure 1 Click the report tab Now locate the Export button. It may be in different locations for different versions of the OLI Software.

Click the Export button

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Figure 2 Click the Export Button

This will bring up a standard windows file management dialog.

Change to a folder that you wish in which to save the file.

This folder does not have to be the same as the working folder for your case.

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Figure 3 Standard file manager

Enter a name for the exported file. The extension CSV will be added. In this example we are using the name “exported-report”

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Figure 4 Entering the report name

To locate and open this file you will need to use a program such as windows explorer. In this case the report “exported-report.csv” is a Microsoft Excel recognized file type (you can see the trademarked Microsoft X in the icon below”

Double-click the file to launch the spreadsheet.

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Figure 5 Using windows explorer to find the file.

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Figure 6 The excel file

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