Installing a version locked network server

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An end-user has decided that they have paid for a perpetual copy of the OLI Software on a network and will no longer pay for support. The end-user must then convert to a version locked instance of the software.


OLI assumes that the OLI Network License Manager (running as a service) is currently installed on a host computer. If not, the end-user is directed to the following sites for installation help:

Installing and Running the OLI License Manager - USB Edition
Installing and Running the OLI License Manager - Softkey Edition


Copy the updated license file from OLI Systems and place it in a folder on the computer hosting the OLI License Manager.

Double-click the file. This will

  1. Stop the OLI License Manager (running as a service)
  2. Update the Server Serial Number and Product Data
  3. Restart the OLI License Manager


With versions 9.3.2 and earlier, only PH, LH and NH class USB keys are supported (all are USB keys). Softkeys, denoted with an PS or LS class are not supported.


If any errors occur please review the error log guide for sending information to OLI Systems.
Errors after update