Installing and Running OLI Software on same machine as License Manager

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Please make sure that you download the latest copy of OLI software. Please go to the following section to view tutorials for downloads : Downloading OLI software

If you have already installed the software on the same machine then you need to reset the serial number. See Updating the serial numbers

If you are experiencing error messages after installation regarding access to the network, perhaps you need to enter the local IP address. See OLI Software Products, this example is for updating the serial number but it will show you where to enter the local IP address.

This is an example for downloading and installing the OLI Software on same machine as License Manager.

Installing the software

Go to the location of your downloaded files. Right click on the file, run the executable file as an administrator.


Click Next


Select the radio button for I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next


Input your Client Serial number on the following screen for Customer Information:


Now on the next step, since we are installing the software on the same machine as the Network License Manager , please input


Please note that if you have a firewall, you MUST enter a port number next to the IP Address/Host Name section. This port number can be obtained from your company's IT department.

Click Next

Select the Typical install option


Now you are on the Ready to Install section. Click on Install


This will bring you to a Progress window.


Click Finish after you see the following window:


If you see the following window, make sure you select yes to restart. Restarting the machine ensures a complete install.


You should see an icon for OLI Studio 9.2 on your desktop as follows:


Double click or right mouse click-> Run , should successfully launch the OLI Studio:

Flash screen.png