Licensing the OLI Engine in Alliance Software

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How the Licensing of the OLI Engine works in our alliance partner programs?

Frequently a user will license the OLI Engine in an alliance program and then receive an error about missing the OLI license. Assuming that the OLI software has been installed correctly then this error message is from the alliance product.

For all our alliance partners (Aspen, Aveva, Honeywell, KBC, and others) there are two parts to the license. I like the analogy of a lock and key model. All the alliance products need to provide the lock and OLI provides the key. Unfortunately, this is a separate flag in the license that comes from the alliance partner. Only Aspen enables this flag by default. All the others disable it by default.

So in the case of ProII, the ProII/E flag will not work. Specifically, the flag 501 is set for ProII/E (basic electrolytes), and for the full OLI package flag, 511 needs to be set. This can only come from AVEVA. So, no the ProII/E license (standard) will not work.