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OLI Studio: ScaleChem is the next generation of oilfield chemistry software. This software is state-of-the-science in electrolyte thermodynamics, with access to both the OLI MSE (Mixed Solvent Electrolyte) model as well as OLI's Aqueous model. This is the preferred software for simulations with MEG or MeOH.

Requirements for this product were specified by Shell, BP, & ConocoPhillips, OLI’s Produced Water Group consortium. OLI Studio: ScaleChem replaces ScaleChem Standard, retaining the basic upstream features of scaling scenarios, mixing waters, reservoir calculations, and facilities calculations, and also adding new features such as contour plots.

OLI Studio: ScaleChem provides a seamless interface to the OLI Studio: Corrosion Analyzer software, with its aqueous corrosion simulation capabilities

Specialized upstream simulation training (and self-guided training manuals are available through OLI's sales partner AQSim, who has designed and teaches two upstream classes: ScaleChem basics, and Chemistry in Brine Production.