OLI Studio Stream Analyzer User Guide v9.5

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This is the user guide (or manual if you prefer) for the OLI Studio Stream Analyzer program. The current version is 9.5. This manual is broken down into chapters which are more manageable than a 500 page guide.

OAD files are the OLI Studio / Analyzer files. These files can only be opened with version 9.5.3 or later.

OLI Studio User Guide, full copy (PDF, 18.2 MB)


Chapter 1 - Welcome to OLI Systems (PDF, 32 KB)
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Speciation (PDF, 2.5 MB)
Chapter 02 Introduction (OAD, 37 kB)
Chapter 3 - Removing Nickel from Wastewater.pdf (PDF, 1.8 MB)
Chapter 03 Tour (OAD, 77 kB)
Chapter 4 - The Mathematical Model (PDF, 0.4 MB)
Chapter 5 - Solids Precipitation (PDF, 0.7 MB)
Chapter 05 Tour (OAD, 9 kB)
Chapter 6 - Aqueous Thermodynamics (PDF, 0.6 MB)
Chapter 7 - Single Point Calculations (PDF, 0.7 MB)
Chapter 07 Tour (OAD, 22 kB)]
Chapter 8 - Multiple Point (also known as survey) Calculations (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Chapter 08 Tour (OAD, 419 kB)
Chapter 9 - Introduction to the OLI Studio Water Analysis Tool (PDF, 0.6 MB)
Chapter 09 Introduction to Water Analysis (OAD, 59 kB)
Chapter 10 - Water Analysis Tour using OLI Studio (PDF, 0.5 MB)
Chapter 10 - Water Analysis Tour (OAD,46 kB)
Chapter 11 - Autoclaves (PDF, 465 kB)
Chapter 11 - Autoclave examples (OAD, 18 kB)
Chapter 12 - Reaction Kinetics (PDF)
Chapter 12 - Reaction Kinetics STD type (OAD)
Chapter 12 - Reaction Kinetics SPEC type (OAD)
Chapter 13 - Petroleum Calculations (PDF, 653 kB)
Chapter 33 - Petroleum Fraction Thermodynamic Methods (PDF, 19 kB)
Chapter 34 - How to Create Chemical Diagrams (PDF, 584 kB)
Chapter 35 - Managing Private Databases in the OLI Analyzer (PDF, 974 kB)
Chapter 36 - OLI Units Manager (PDF, 316 KB)
Chapter 37 - Tools (PDF, 439 KB)
Chapter 38 - Modifying the Plot (PDF, 1,716 KB)
Chapter 39 - Customizing the Report (PDF, 325 KB)
Chapter 40 - Displaying Transport Properties and other thermodynamic parameters (PDF, 1,176 KB)
Some transport properties and thermodynamic parameters take longer to calculate and may be turned off by default. This tutorial explains on to enable those optinos
Chapter 41 - Using the OLI Tester (PDF, 1,056 KB)
A separate license is required for using the OLI Tester. Please contact OLI for more information.


Copyright© 2017
OLI Systems, Inc.
All rights reserved.

The enclosed materials are provided to the lessees, selected individuals and agents of OLI Systems, Inc. The material may not be duplicated or otherwise provided to any entity without the expressed permission of OLI Systems, Inc.


This manual was produced using the OLI Studio version 9.5 build 3 (9.5.3). As time progresses, new data and refinements to existing data sets can result in values that you obtain being slightly different than what is presented in this manual. This is a natural progress and cannot be avoided. When large systematic changes to the software occur, this manual will be updated.