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How to use the plot Template Manager

With version 9.2 OLI has added a new feature for plots. This is called the plot template manager. We moved the Save Plot As... menu item to this more usable feature.

The default location for the Plot Template Manager is in the lower left-hand corner of the main window.

2015-11-11 10-46-12.png

This dockable window is blank until you create a survey with a plot.

For our example we are going to create a plot that will be used frequently in the standard OLI AQ course. This example comes from Chapter 3 of the course and you can click here to review the contents.
Chapter 3 - Removing Nickel from Wastwater

2015-11-11 10-16-39.png

In this example we are plotting the material balance group for aqueous nickel (MBG Ni(+2) AQ). We will need to use this plot frequently in the course so we will save it as a plot template. Notice that in the Plot Template Manager we already have some saved plots including the default plot.

The Default Plot this best guess at what you are actually calculating in the survey. In a pH survey, the amount of titrants versus pH is the default plot.

We now want to save the current plot as a template. Enter a useful name in the box at the bottom of the Plot Template Manager.

2015-11-11 10-58-44.png

Here we are using the template name MBG Ni+2-AQ now click the save button.

The Plot Template Manager is now updated with the template.

2015-11-11 11-01-41.png

We have previously saved some other plot templates. Now if you move the mouse over these templates, the plot automatically updates without actually changing. This way you can quickly view the plot without committing the change.

Mouse-over the VLE template but do not click the mouse.

2015-11-11 11-04-47.png

You can see that plot changes. If you move the mouse away from this template the plot will revert to the one we had just saved.

To change to the new plot template you must click on the template.

Deleting Plot Templates

Eventually your plot template will become either unwanted or obsolete. You can delete it from the Plot Template Manager

To delete a plot template, mouse-over the plot template and then right-click.

In this example we are going to delete the unwanted template AQ-Act

2015-11-11 11-09-27.png

Mouse-over the unwanted template and then right-click

2015-11-11 11-12-09.png

Select Delete

2015-11-11 11-13-51.png

Select Yes to remove the template.

Author: Jim Berthold