Selecting a database in Analyzers

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Selecting a Database in the Analyzers

Data bases are OLI’s store house of thermodynamic data. Not all the data is suitable for every calculation. Therefore the data is compartmentalized in to many databases. In addition, data service work provided by OLI Systems, Inc. may also be a database.

There is an architecture to using databases in the Analyzers. If you want a database to be used in all streams and calculations, you must specify the database at the topmost level of the software. The top level dialog is displayed below. To use a database in only a stream or calculation, specify the database only in that object. The PUBLIC database is automatically specified and can not be changed.

Click on the Chemistry menu item.

Tip29 1.PNG

This will display the chemistry options. Select Model Options…

Model options.PNG

The currently loaded databases will be displayed.

Default chemistry model options.PNG

Highlight Geochemical

Highlight geochemical.PNG

When the desired database is highlighted, click the right arrow to select it. We are also selecting the Corrosion Database for example purposes.

Databases have priority. If a species exists in both of these selected database, then only the thermodynamic properties found in the first database will be used. You can change the priority of the database by highlighting it and clicking the up button.


You can remove a database if it is not required. This does not delete the data from the program but makes it unavailable. Select the database and click the left arrow.

Databank removed.PNG

The database has been removed. Click the Apply button and then OK to continue.

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